Our factory located in Jaitpur New Delhi, specially dedicated to the manufacturing of air distribution products and ducting accessories. Our factory is well equipped with modern machines and technology used across the world. We are using technology which has helps us in faster deliveries to our clients with higher precision in quality. AEMP TECH Pvt Ltd employs skilled workforce resulting in a smooth and unstoppable production output. AEMP TECH Pvt Ltd’s main focus remains on quality of the product delivered which we do not compromise at any cost. With sales and business operations across India and manufacturing facility in Delhi, Air Master does its best to meet the growing demands of Air Distribution Products of the region.

We have following equipments that facilitates our fabrication :

  • → Cutter
  • → Bending Machine
  • → Power Press 20 Ton
  • → Power Press 5 Ton
  • → ARC Welding Machine 400 KVA
  • → ARC Welding Machine 200 KVA

Many other Machines & tools such as Pipe Cutter, Drills, Hammer drills, Grinder, Bench Grinders, riveting machine, Compressor etc.

The above mentioned machines are operated by our skilled workforce, which ensure smooth and hassle free production of our Industrial Air Distribution Products.

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